Greetings From UE Local 222 Matt Braddon, President

UE Local 222 President
Matt Braddon

I hope you had time to enjoy the holiday season. I am writing to you as your new Local 222 President providing you all with a bit of background on myself. I come from Glastonbury, CT, where I grew up and currently reside. Having always had a passion for history, I studied at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I enjoy hockey and play soccer recreationally.

What got me into the Union? When I took my first job I was told that it was a Union shop, and it made more sense to join rather than not. Very quickly I came to understand that we had a vacancy in our Sublocal officer position. Folks encouraged me to step up. We went through contract negotiations early on. I was still very new but I was seeing a lot. I began to lead our Sublocal meetings and help process grievances. I met our then Field Representative, Omar, who gave me insights into the National Union. From that point I began to participate in Young Activist activities. This included attending a National Convention and helping the Reps do field work while simultaneously learning. Most recently, I traveled with the Young Activists to Mexico to meet members of the FAT and learn about Mexican labor law.

I am excited to be the Local President. I believe our Union has the potential to impact labor in our benefit. It starts with us, the members, fighting for ourselves. But it is a fight for all of labor. Our strength comes from our numbers.

As President, I will be serving UE Local 222 with Vice President Margaret Dabrowski, Members at Large Julie Knowlton, Marie Lausch, Dan Leary and Chris Roberto. Ed Scanlon is our Trustee.

Who are We?
U E!

In Solidarity,
Matt Braddon